1.        Before any player is allowed to practice or play, he/she must have a medical examination performed by a licensed physician and must provide a written certification signed by the physician stating that the player's condition and health are satisfactory for participation in the sport of lacrosse.  The medical examination and physician's certificate required by this rule must be obtained and dated no earlier than June 1 of the prior year.
    2.        Before any player is allowed to practice or play, the player's parents or guardians must provide their written consent for the player's participation and a certification of insurance coverage.  In addition, the player and the player's parents or guardians must also provide a written acknowledgment of the risks of participating in the sport of lacrosse, a waiver and release of liability, and an acknowledgment and agreement that the player's participation shall be subject to the WVSLA Constitution and By-Laws, as well as all rules, regulations, and decisions of the WVSLA Board of Directors.
    3.        A player is eligible to participate only for the member team that is sponsored, approved, recognized by, or otherwise affiliated with, the school that the player attends.  If a player attends a school that does not sponsor, approve, or recognize a member team, that player may play for the nearest member team subject to Board approval and/or pursuant to Article IV of the Constitution and By-Laws.
    4.        WVSLA high school competition is limited to players who are enrolled in grades 9 through 12.  Players enrolled in grade 8 and below are ineligible to play with or against players enrolled in grades 9 through 12. 
    5.        Players who are 19 years old or older shall be ineligible; provided, however, that if a player reaches the age of 19 after July 1, that player will be eligible, age wise, to compete through the end of the school year in which the player turns 19.
    6.        Before the first game, each team shall submit to the Secretary an eligibility roster which shall include each player's name, date of birth, the school the player attends, the grade in which the player is enrolled, and a certification that the player and the player's parents or guardians have provided the physician's certification, consent and certification of insurance, and acknowledgement and waiver of liability forms specified in the preceding paragraphs.
    7. WVSLA member teams will comply with WVSSAC academic eligibility requirements
  1.        Before the beginning of regular season competition, the Coaches will develop and submit a written recommendation subject to approval by the WVSLA Board of Directors, placing teams in "A", "B" or "C" classifications based on projected competitive strength, historical competitive strength, number of years the team has been in existence, size of school, and whatever other factors the Coaches and the Board of Directors deem relevant.  A team may schedule and compete against teams in other classifications, but regular season standings, as well as qualification for and entry into post-season tournament play will be determined according to classification.
  2.        In order to be considered for post-season tournament play, team must be a team in good standing and fulfill the current playoff requirements. .
  3.        Any team that fails to appear for a mutually scheduled contest will, in addition to forfeiting the game, compensate its opponent for game expenses including but not limited to referees, medical services, transportation, lights, field rental and the like.
  4.        Teams shall give 24-hour notice if they are unable to field a team for a game. The board shall decide if any fees or fines are due.
  5.        The WVSLA Championship Trophy shall be named after Jake Mullett, former Assistant Superintendent of Schools in Monongalia County. It shall be called the "Jake Mullett Memorial Trophy" for his support of lacrosse at all levels. - Approved December 2007


  1.        League coaches are expected to adhere to and practice the ideals set forth by the NFHS.
  2.        Coaches are required to emphasize good sportsmanship and appropriate behavior at all times. Coaches are responsible for controlling themselves, their players and their bench.  Fighting, profanity, intemperate language or behavior, and disrespect for opponents, officials or spectators should be avoided and discouraged.
  3.        Coaches must be familiar with the NFHS rule book and all WVSLA exceptions.
  4.        Coaches are encouraged to fill out and mail to the WVSLA officials' representative rating cards for officials' performance within 3 days after a contest.
           Coaches can go to https://www.arbitersports.com to rate the refs.
  5.        The Head Coach must meet WVSSAC guidelines.
  6.        All head coaches must be members of US Lacrosse - Adopted October 16, 2011.
  1.        All WVSLA games will be officiated by members of the Allegheny Lacrosse Officials Association, or other certifying body of officials, except in circumstances when a visiting official is invited to work a game.
  2.        Coaches will be notified in advance of the officials assigned for their home games.
  3.        Officials will have the authority over the "game" from the time of arrival / check-in until the teams have completed the post-game handshake and visiting team has departed.
  4.        Officials will be paid the "published" rate per game as communicated in writing from the WVSLA Secretary prior to each season.  Officials should be paid promptly at the end of each game or as determined by Agreement between Official and the WVSLA Board of Directors.
  5.        The WVSLA Board of Directors will notify the the area assignor of any and all WVSLA exceptions to NFHS rules prior to the commencement of upcoming season.  Officials should be thoroughly familiar with WVSLA exceptions prior to working any WVSLA games.
  6.        Before the beginning of the regular season, the WVSLA will appoint an officials' representative to act as liaison to the Board of Directors on all issues pertaining to officials.  Any complaints or comments concerning officials should be directed in writing to this officials' representative.
  1.        The WVSLA will adhere to all Federation Rules with the exceptions to be determined and announced by the Board of Directors by February of each year.
  2.        The procedure for proposing exceptions to the rules which will govern WVSLA play shall be as follows:
    1. Any member or official may recommend an exception to the WVSLA Board of Directors, or any committee appointed by the Board of Directors for purposes of considering interpretation of the rules or exceptions to the rules (the "Rules Committee"), provided such proposal is submitted within a reasonable time.
    2. The Board of Directors or the Rules Committee will review proposals for rule changes and report their tentative conclusions to the membership at a duly convened meeting.
    3. After an opportunity for discussion and input by the membership, the Rules Committee will make a recommendation concerning proposed rule changes or exceptions and the Board of Directors shall determine whether to adopt any proposed changes exceptions.
    4. Notice of exceptions to the Federation Rules will be distributed in writing to all members and officials with a specific effective date.
    1.        The home team is required to provide the following for all WVSLA games:
      1. Emergency medical services including a doctor or paramedic and other personnel trained in first aid and emergency care, on site for the entire contest, and ambulance service readily available.  Failure to provide emergency medical services will result in home team forfeit, and the game will not be played.
      2. Telephone communications, including cell phone communications, on site and immediately available, along with emergency phone numbers.
      3. A bench, table area, and personnel to assist with scorekeeping, timekeeping, etc., and at least one chair for timekeeper/tally keeper for visiting team.
      4. Flags or cones will be provided according to Federation guidelines.
      5. Horn and emergency evacuation plan.

2014 TEAM CLASSIFICATION, SCHEDULES AND TOURNAMENTS - Approved for 2014 season - Changes from 2013 noted in RED

  1. The boys teams split into two divisions to facilitate play. The 2014 boys divisions are listed here: WVSLA 2014 Regular Season Standings
  2. In order to be considered for boys post-season tournament play, Division 1 teams must play a minimum of eight (8) games; every team in their division (six games) plus two different WVSLA Division 2 teams. Division 2 teams must play a minimum of eight (8) games in their division.
  3. In order to be considered for girls post-season tournament play, a team must play all other WVSLA members twice, once home and once away, twelve (12) games..
  4. All BOYS games versus WVSLA teams must be played by April 27, 2014. Reminder that some teams cannot play on a Sunday.
  5. The BOYS playoffs will be comprised of an six team playoff in each division with quarterfinals, semifinal, and championship.
        Quarterfinal games should be played on Saturday, May 3 at the home of the higher seed. The alternate date is Friday, May 2.
        Semifinal games should be played on May 10 at the home of the higher seed. The alternate date is Friday, May 9.
  6. All GIRLS games versus WVSLA teams must be played by May 3, 2013. Reminder that some teams cannot play on a Sunday.
  7. The GIRLS playoffs will be comprised of a four team playoff with a semifinal and championship.
        Semifinal games should be played on May 10 at the home of the higher seed. The alternate date is Friday, May 9.
        Boys and girls championship games will be Saturday, May 17 at the same site, Trace Fork Soccer Complex, South Charleston.
  8. The WVSLA will host a boys Blue-Gold All Star game on May 31 at Wheeling Jesuit University. All Stars will be picked by each team's coaches. Should a player be a no show at the game, the head coach will select his replacement. The number of All Stars per team will be graduated with the representatives of the higher seeded teams being higher then the lower seeded teams. The Board will decide the final allotment.
  9. WVSLA boys and girls team dues for 2014 will remain $200.00. They will be payable at a later date.
  10. The membership agreed to accept any new teams up until the season starts as associate members. They will be able to schedule games with member teams but not be eligible for the playoffs.