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Coaches, please read carefully before submitting selections!
Selections will be listed on the website as they are received
Players MUST read before attending

The WVSLA All Star game will be played at 2:00 p.m.., Saturday, May 22, 2010 at Bridgeport's Stadium, after the WVSLA Girls Championship game and preceding the WVSLA Boys Championship game . Your players should plan on being there at one hour before the game on May 22. The field has an artificial surface.

Coaches or team reps should submit the names, via e-mail, of four players from their teams who are to be honored as All Star selections and one alternate. Put "All Star Selections" in the subject. Please check your players availability before submitting. It is of no use to submit a player if he is not going to attend the game. If your best player cannot make it, go down the food chain to find one who can.

It is suggested to start with the players who may be picked for the All State teams. Coaches have been sent the updated Comments file. This will give them an idea of what players were "noticed" by the other coaches. It would be great if most of the all stars were members of one of the All State teams. The End of Season meeting is May 16. Five days may not be enough time to notify and get a commitment from your players. If a coach wishes to make a change after the meeting, he can do so.

Please make sure your player's name is spelled properly, his position noted, and his ability to attend the game.

Make sure the alternate knows he may NOT play. It is up to the coaches of his team to fill the roster. Kids being kids, may not show up, for one reason or another. There are 20 jerseys allotted per team. If there is an opening, it is up to the head coach's discretion to pick the alternate.

Coaches in the playoffs should wait until they are eliminated before submitting. Additional comments from playoff games can be provided if needed.

Please inform your All Star selections that your selection of them is their invitation and only notification to participate in the game and coaches should contact me ASAP via E-mail at jeff@laxinwv.com to facilitate setting up the roster. Please include full name, position, name of high school , if a senior, what college he is planning to attend. Please note if the player will be playing varsity or club lacrosse for the college he is attending.


All Star Selections for Johnson HS
John Johnson - Senior - Midfield - Johnsonville University - (Walking on for D3) or (Scholarship player) or (playing for club team).
Bill Johnson - Junior - Attack 

Numbered jerseys will be issued on game day on a first-come, first served basis. Arrive early to choose your number. Players may keep their jerseys.

Lacrosse uniform type game shorts must be worn. Your current high school game shorts are preferred. Do not expect to play if you are wearing cut off jeans, cut-off sweats, cut-off Army fatigue pants, etc. You will be representing not only your high school, but also the WVSLA in this showcase game; and you will be expected to dress and conduct yourself in a proper manner.

Teams are divided by standings in WVSLA starting with the 7th team blue, 8th gold, 9th blue, 10th gold, etc. Then, following the same odd even pattern, main brackets where 1st was, blue; bracket where 2nd was, gold.


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