Game Reporting & Reporting Schedule Changes

Put in the Subject of the email: Your School Lacrosse

SAVE the appropriate form. If a password prompt comes up. You should be able to click on "Cancel" and still be able to save and edit.
Fill in the blanks:
Class - High School
 - 9, 10, 11, or 12. ..
Pos. = Position: A = Attack, M = Midfield, D = Defense, LSM = Long Stick Midfield
Note: Once a player has been reported, it is not necessary to include his or her class or position.

DNP - Note players who do not play in a game due to injury, etc. in the GOALS column.

NOTABLE OPPONENT PLAYERS (High School only) - Note and comment at least two of your opponent's players who stood out from the rest. This will aid in honoring players at the end of the season.

Attach "Game Report Form" to email
Send your report to

  • Reporting your team stats in an accurate and timely fashion may help to sell your player or players to college coaches and the rest of the membership when it comes time to vote for All American & All League teams.
  • In the Subject, put the name of your team and lacrosse.  If there is nothing in the subject or the subject says something I do not recognize or the sender is a name I do not recognize, I usually delete it without opening or previewing in order to keep from bringing a virus into my computer.
  • Stats should be reported ASAP after each game is played. I will accept late reports but not compilations.
  • It is OK to report a couple games in one email, especially after playing several games in one weekend..
  • I will assume that your players play in EVERY game unless you list him as DNP in the GOALS column.. For example, if "John Johnson" is one of your leading scorers and misses a game for any reason, put DNP after his or her name so the per game stats will be adjusted.
  • Do not put zeros or "0" after everyone who does NOT score.
  • "Front Page" teams are ones who have reported their stats properly and the quickest. Stats that come in days or a week later are no longer "news" and will be recorded only on the Master Schedule page and on the team's individual page.

DEFINITIONS (from the NCAA men's rule book )


Save: A save is recorded any time a ball is stopped or deflected by the goalkeeper's body or crosse in such a manner that had the ball not been stopped or deflected, it would have entered the goal.

Assist: Any one direct pass by a player to a teammate who then scores a goal without having to dodge or evade an opponent other than the goalkeeper who is in the crease is recorded as an assist. There can only be one assist on any goal scored.
Once your master schedule has been sent, only make individual changes:

"Change May 17 My School vs Some School from 2 pm to 5:30 pm" or
"Change May 17 My School vs. Some School to 7:30 pm at Other School"

When a complete "revised schedule" is sent, it takes a lot of time to go game by game to find what has changed. Those changes get put on the "back burner" until I have the time and enough coffee to check everything. So please only send individual game changes.

ARTICLE FOR FRONT PAGE (Optional - Include in the email with stats attached):
Charleston - Apr. 2 - The JOHNSONTOWN TITANS improved their record to 4-0 today by defeating the JOHNSONVILLE BRATS 11-6. John Johnson led the Titans by taking 12 faceoffs, etc. etc. etc.

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